Literary Development

Literary Branding

We develop leading author brands beyond 'the book' through commercial ventures, speaking engagements, digital media and other platforms.    

Peter Thiel backed the publishing venture we launched around British columnist and opinion celebrity, Melanie Phillips.

We developed Critica to carry forward the ideas introduced by Drs. Sara and Jack Gorman in Denying To The Grave - a New Yorker Magazine featured title about the psychology of making health decisions.

Drs. Sara & Jack Gorman

Drs. Sara & Jack Gorman

"Suzanne and Elliot were delightful to work with in every way. They transformed our book into a real movement that's opened up opportunities beyond what we ever thought possible. We thoroughly enjoyed working with them - we always looked forward to hearing Suzanne's razor-sharp insights and Elliot's keen observations. We can't thank them enough!"