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Midsummer 2

Elizabeth Kolbert's New Yorker review of Denying to the Grave by Drs. Sara and Jack Gorman (Oxford University Press) was accompanied by a powerful Gérard DuBois illustration (above).  It brought to mind other illustrations commissioned in connection with Balaban books and authors:  

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Elliot Balaban
"That I esteem the fiction real"

Through titles like The Complete Works of Primo Levi and investors like Peter Thiel, Balaban Media Management has been involved in some of the highest profile literary endeavors of the last couple of decades, yet knowledge of the details has heretofore been reserved for the stakeholders.  Proposal: launch an online journal to offer a peek behind the BMM curtain, and with our “imperial friend” Emily Dickinson in mind - call it Midsummer.

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