Literary Development
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An ally for authors


As publishing evolves into a brand-driven arena with three quarters of a million new titles competing for attention yearly, it's fallen upon authors to develop a range of new business skills, engage third parties in areas far afield from literature and pray for the best outcome. 

BMM relieves authors of this burden by bringing together brand management, book publicity and literary agency under one roof. Our core competencies encompass business development, technology, publicity, publishing, journalism and video programming, and we work with a global network of premier professional and vendor partners.  

By taking this holistic approach, we're able to develop author careers on a larger canvas than can otherwise be accomplished - and our author ventures have attracted the highest profile investors in the world.  

Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel

More on our branding practice here.

Publicity and Agency

BMM's co-founders once sat on "the other side of the desk" at Scribner and NBC Universal, so we know how to work with media companies and we're intimate with their decision making culture. This means that at each stage of the publishing process, we can ensure that an author's efforts will receive the right attention. Our title conception work is meticulous. Our book proposals to publishers include a world class publicity plan and the assurance of our assistance with the publicity campaign and brand.  Our campaigns are inspired.  More on our publicity practice here.

Here are portraits of some of the authors we've worked with.