Literary Development
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A pleasure to work with
— Robert Weil, Executive Editor, W.W. Norton & Co.
Esther is selling well thanks to your efforts
— Beatrice Rehl, Publishing Director, Cambridge University Press

A Known Quantity

BMM is a known quantity and versatile resource for publishers. Sometimes an extra pair of hands on publicity for a big book. Sometimes an author brand development partner.  Sometimes an experienced curatorial eye for offshore acquisitions.  Always a reliable partner and dependable performer.

Turnkey publicity

When in-house resources are under pressure, publishers outsource campaigns to BMM, a proven performer and deferential collaborator.   


Authors increasingly view their books as a means for developing their brands, but publishers often lack the resources needed to support authors in this way.  BMM works with publishers to enhance their value to entrepreneurial authors, and develop new revenue streams.   


BMM's global presence offers US publishers a direct channel to offshore acquisition opportunities that might otherwise escape notice.