BMM works with authors and publishers in publicity, branding and agency to create

outstanding success

"Creative, tireless, connected and collaborative.

A pleasure to work with on every level."

- Betsy Lerner, author of The Bridge Ladies

"A force of nature.  

A gift of faith to this book and writer!"

- Juan Williams, author This Far By Faith, political commentator Fox News Channel

Forthcoming from Oxford University Press

Denying to the Grave
by Drs. Sara and Jack Gorman
"A fascinating, readable and very well informed analysis of why our brains trick us into resisting scientific evidence at the cost of our lives."
- Nicoli Nattrass, Professor, Centre for Social Science Research, University of Cape Town

From Harper Wave

The Bridge Ladies
by Betsy Lerner
"Frank and deeply personal"
- The New York Times
"One of the season's most lauded non-fiction works"
- Observer
"Something to be cherished"
Jewish Week

"Betsy Lerner has woven a universal coming of age story for both mother and daughter." 
- Patti Smith, singer-songwriter, National Book Award Winner

"This is the best book I've read about mother daughter relationships in decades, maybe ever.
- Amy Chua, author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother 

L-R: Bea, Bette, Roz, Jackie, Rhoda
L-R: Bea, Bette, Roz, Jackie, Rhoda

Highlight campaign

The Complete Works of
Primo Levi 
ed. Ann Goldstein, W. W. Norton & Company - A Liveright Book
"This season’s publishing blockbuster"
- Wall Street Journal
New York Times Notable Books of 2015 
"One of the most important writers of our time."
- Times Literary Supplement

The Forward, Feb 17, 2016
The Forward, Feb 17, 2016

Select campaigns

"'Stephen King is an unorthodox writer and we wanted an unorthodox campaign', said Suzanne Balaban,VP publicity at Scribner."

- ABC News, "Ads, Ads Everywhere"

"Melanie Phillips, star columnist of the Daily Mail, has taken the first step to becoming a global brand."

- The Independent

"You did an amazing job in getting us to no. 4 on the NY Times Best Seller list starting from scratch!"

- Gavin MenziesNew York Times Best Selling author of 1421: The Year China Discovered America

"An astonishing and wonderful force of nature!"

- Jeannette WallsNew York Times Best Selling author of The Glass Castle

"You were awesome!"

- Dr. Mark Hyman, New York Times Best Selling author of UltraMetabolism

"Suzanne has raised the bar very, very high."
- Laura Lippman, New York Times Best Selling author of What The Dead Know

Premier solutions for today's

brand-driven literosphere

BMM assists authors, publishers, agents and organizations around the world through our publicity, branding and agency practices


BMM's literary branding practice develops leading author brands "beyond the book".  The venture we launched around British journalist, Melanie Phillips, was backed by Silicon Valley luminary, Peter Thiel.  

The Electric Media launch party in Mayfair was attended by two cabinet ministers, four members of parliament, three major newspaper editors, the former Archbishop of Canterbury and written about by all the British national newspapers.

Listen to John Humphries interview Melanie on the UK's most influential news show, BBC R4 Today


BMM's publicity practice has helped create New York Times Best Sellers across a wide range of genres including memoir, literary fiction, politics, political humor, Jewish, history, food and wellness.

"An Evening With Harry, Carrie & Garp" - J.K. Rowling, Stephen King and John Irving read from their works on August 1, 2006 at Radio City Music Hall. A joint production of Scribner & Scholastic.


BMM's agency practice offers select authors a complete solution for their literary agency and career development needs.  Publishers tune in to BMM for premier offshore acquisition opportunities.

Listen to Robert Segal interview Yoram Hazony on NPR's All Things Considered

Watch Nedra & Scott Ross cook with Jamie Geller on The 700 Club

"Within several hours of the launch of her new online venture, Melanie Phillips had surely achieved her objective. The headline in the Wall Street Journal? 'Britain's most high profile columnist, broadcaster and author launches Melanie Phillips Electric Media.'"

-The Guardian

We helped NASDAQ chief Al Berkeley conceive, develop and champion a strategic brand extension for the NASDAQ Stock Market.

We executive produced the world premier of NBC.COM - the 5th most tweeted site.


Frank McCourt
Frank McCourt

We're fortunate to have worked with some of the best - Gail Collins, Stephen King, Betsy Lerner, Frank McCourt, Gavin Menzies, Frederic Raphael, Jeannette Walls, Cambridge, HC, Penguin Random House, Norton, Public Affairs, S&S, The Nasdaq Stock Market, Israel Law Center and GE Capital to name a few.


Electric Media launch party, London, 8 May 2013
Electric Media launch party, London, 8 May 2013

BMM was launched in response to the digital transformation of publishing and the interest of leading authors in a complete solution to their increasingly complex career needs.  Founded by former Simon and Schuster vice president, Suzanne Balaban, and former NBC Universal director of advanced business development, Elliot Balaban, the firm has a presence in New York, London and Jerusalem. 


To contact BMM about your requirements or discuss a client opportunity, please write to us here or call us at 212 796 5895.

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Jerusalem, Jamie Geller, Michael Oren, Diane Wyshogrod, Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, Yoram Hazony, 

London, Gavin Menzies, Douglas Murray, Melanie Phillips, Helen Wright, James Le Fanu, Frederic Raphael