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Yoram Hazony

Yoram Hazony

Yoram Hazony

Publicity Case Study

Published by Cambridge University Press, The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture by Yoram Hazony, is an intellectually rich, highly complex work with a bouquet of huge ideas.

Surprise 'Sticks'

To gain it the widest possible attention, we distilled a couple of those ideas into an animation.  It wasn't what anyone was expecting from a Cambridge title about the Bible, but it garnered more than 23,000 overnight views on YouTube.


Yoram Hazony's overnight YouTube stardom led to this interview with Robert Siegel on NPR's All Things Considered -

Which led to this essay in the Wall Street Journal

Which led to his op-ed in the New York Times

Then we got Yoram on the stage of London's Natural History Museum, with Daniel Johnson, editor of Standpoint Magazine, and Lord Chief Rabbi Sacks.

And that's when the Obama White House extended an invitation for a private meeting.


MEGA INFLUENCE for a scholarly work

Yoram Hazony's website has a full list of all the media and events secured by BMM Worldwide for The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture.